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Forest of Deceit

Forest of Deceit
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Forest of Deceit
Author: Christopher Clark
Publish Date: 2012
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: Yes
Type: Softcover


The Forest of Deceit is filled with unknown threats, unexplained sounds, and partially-glimpsed adversaries of both natural and supernatural origin. Buried within its shadowy demesne are secrets, lies, and more subplots than even a gifted game master will be able introduce in but a single gaming session. A great place to start a campaign, the Forest of Deceit should offer more than enough challenge for 3 or more adventurers of novice experience.

The seeds for several mysteries, all customizable by the game master, are set in this non-system specific overland adventure. Readily convertible to most gaming systems The Forest of Deceit is an excellent place to begin a new campaign.