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Vorkin's Tower

Vorkin's Tower
Author: Donald Weis
Publish Date: 2011
Pages: 72
Dimensions: 6x9x.25"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


This is 6 by 9 in size, book bound, with 74+ pages. The covers and interior artwork are all by the author.

If you use your skills wisely and with a little bit of luck, maybe you can find something of value and still escape with your life.

  • 167 different solo entries suitable for use with any edition of Tunnels & Trolls, but made for 7.5 in mind.
  • Combat Challenge (CC) rules and more.
  • New monsters for use by any Game Master that can be dropped into any fantasy campaign world.
  • This is a sequel to the Mega-Solo 'Three Days to the Tower' (also by this author), a solo that tells the story of the intrepid adventurer's quest to find Vorkins Tower.

    Suitability: 2nd to 4th level character (One character). Pre-generated character provided (YES). Kindred type used in this solo (Any). Class type used in this solo (ANY). Magic Matrix (None).