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Skull & Roses - Black

Skull & Roses - Black
Category: Board Games
Publish Date: 2011
Restockable: No
Type: Boxed Game


Think you can reveal the most Rose cards without ever discovering a Skull card? Think you have nerves of steel?

From a hand of 4 cards, players get to either play or, after a first round, start issuing challenges. That's when you'll need to bluff your heart out by claiming you can flip a number of cards over without revealing a Skull – then other players can try to outdo you by bragging about revealing more cards... until someone gets called on it and has to pull it off!

Starting with one of his or her own cards, that player has to flip as many cards as was bragged about. And if a Skull is revealed, then that player fails... AND LOSES A CARD FROM THEIR HAND!

Whoever manages to win at two challenges, or is the last person with a card left, wins!

So play your Skull at the right time, force your opponents to overbid, and bluff like you've never bluffed before!


  • A dynamic, tense game of bluffing
  • A subtle mixture of risk-taking and tactics!
  • By the designer of Werewolves of Millers Hollow