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Land of Ninja

Land of Ninja
Publish Year: 1986
Restockable: No
Type: Box Set


You are brave samurai — skilled warriors in the employ of Lord Uesigi Toshimichi, You escort his nephew, Tametaka, on a diplomatic mission into unfriendly Suruga province, Controlled by the powerful ShikI clan, Lord Uesigi's foes have long disputed his control of Totomi province.

After several days, while awaiting the return of Tamataka from a meeting with the Shiki lord, you awaken to a soft crash issuing from nearby bushes. A quick search reveals the body of a comrade, one of the Uesigi samurai dead of terrible wounds, fn his outstretched hand, scrawled in his own blood, are blurred characters on a strip of paper: "Treachery. . . Tametaka slain . , . troops . . . Shiki. . ."

You have failed to protect Lord Uesigi's nephew. This is a terrible disgrace and a stain upon your honor. You must decide upon a course of action to clear your name.

• Will you attempt to avenge him? Anyone making such an attempt should be wished better karma in the next life, because a dozen men storming a castle is suicide.

• Do you commit seppuku to atone for the failure? This course expiates your breach of loyalty, but of itself is another breach of loyalty to Lord Uesigi.

• Do you choose the wisest course — warning Lord Uesigi of the Shiki treachery? You must escape the hostile territory and travel back to Uesigi's castle. Even if you succeed, you may still have to commit seppuku to atone for the death of the nephew.

Land of Ninja is a RuneQuest supplement set on Earth. The gamemaster can choose to introduce only historical elements into his Ninja campaign or he can add the gods, spirits, and monsters from Japanese legend to create a fascinating blend of history and myth.

Land of Ninja Includes:
• Players Book — character generation notes, pronunciations, names, occupations, new skills, Japanese ships, notes on Nihon, Samurai society, Ninja, personal virtues, elements of Bushido, Honor, the obligations of Giri, social structure, Irving conditions/ customs, Japanese religion and magic, glossary.
• Gamemasters Book — the Nihonese world, an adventuring history, Ki skills, notes on civilization, creatures, comprehensive reference list.
• Scenarios Book — planning a campaign, suggested campaign, The Hatamoto's Illness.
• Play Aids — map of Nihon, master Nihon character sheet, ship plans.