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Conquest of the Pacific

Conquest of the Pacific
Category: War Games
Publish Date: 2002
Restockable: No
Type: Boxed Game

Conquest of the Pacific


It is early morning December 7, 1941. While most of the people of Hawaii are still in bed, Admiral Yamamoto orders his six carriers to turn into the wind. Within one hour, 350 torpedo bombers, dive bombers, and fighters are on their way to attack the American pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor. If the attack is a success, it will eliminate America's ability to oppose the expanding Japanese empire long enough for them to capture and fortify their objectives.

As the force begins its attack, they realize that they have achieved total surprise. However, they also realize that the main objective of their attack, the U. S. carriers are not present. By a stroke of luck, the Lexington and Enterprise had left Pearl Harbor on an aircraft ferrying mission. Now the attack, though devastating, would not be the crippling blow that was desired. As a result, America will be able to resist Japanese expansion much sooner than anticipated.

While Yamamoto's brilliantly conceived attack on Pearl Harbor was a tactical victory, it turned out to be a drastic strategic mistake. As Yamamoto would later state, "I fear that we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve."

You will command either the forces of the Japanese Empire, or the forces of the United States. The tasks of both are daunting.

As Japan, can you complete your conquest of the Pacific before America can build up enough strength to oppose you? Will you be able to fortify your new empire quickly enough to fend off the inevitable American counter attack?

As the United States, can you rebuild your navy, and raise an army quickly enough to stop Japan from dominating the entire Pacific? You must use your monetary advantage wisely while you still have it because the more territory Japan conquers, the stronger it becomes.