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Storm of Iron (2002 Edition)

Storm of Iron (2002 Edition)
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Storm of Iron (2002 Edition)
Category: Novels & Comics
Author: Graham McNeil
Publish Date: 2002
Pages: 318
Dimensions: 4x7x.8"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148339821
Mfg. part #: SABBL561
Type: Novel - Softcover


Stuttering volleys of las-fire blasted from the trench, but it was too little, too late as Honsou dropped into the prepared position. The Traitor Marine worked his way down the trench, hacking a bloody path through the defenders who fell back in horror from his deadly blade. As Honsou killed the Guardsmen, he reveled in his superiority, and could well understand the attraction of Khorne’s path. The Iron Warriors swept over the trench killing everything in it with the fury of those who had fought their way through hell and lived to tell the tale.

In a dark and gothic future, humanity fights a constant battle for survival in a hostile universe. Now hell has come to Hydra Cordatus, for a massive force of terrifying Iron Warriors, brutal assault troops of Chaos, have invaded the planet and lain siege to its mighty Imperial citadel. But what prize could possibly be worth so much savage bloodshed and destruction?