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Horizon War Trilogy #3 - War in Heaven

Horizon War Trilogy #3 - War in Heaven
Category: Novels & Comics
Author: Robert Weinberg
Publish Date: 1998
Pages: 374
Dimensions: 4x7x1"
Restockable: No
Type: Novel - Softcover


In WAR IN HEAVEN, a desperate battles rages in the Horizon Realms, the mystic dimensions that surround Earth. The mages of both the Nine Traditions and the Technocracy are under attack by a mysterious willworker who calls himself Heylel Teomin, the Ascension Warrior. Already, two Horizon Realms have been obliterated, and now others are under attack. But Heylel's most potent threat is a seductive offer that kindles the fires of revolution in younger mages. Only a small band of unlikely allies stands against the Ascension Warrior. If they fail, mankind is doomed.

For though Teomin may promise a bright new dawn, his triumph means an eternity of endless night!