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Tannhauser (1st Edition)

Tannhauser (1st Edition)
Category: Board Games
Product Line: Tannhauser
Publish Date: 2007
Restockable: No
Type: Boxed Game

Tannhauser (1st Edition)


Tannhäuser is a tactical board game of paranormal investigations and Great War combat, pitting the forces of the Reich and the Army of the Union together in a struggle for control of the Obscura Cardinal Cornerstones, magical artifacts of immense power.

2-10 players command two teams of five characters, both Heroes and Troops. Since there are up to ten characters on the battlefield at any given time, up to ten players can take part!

The Obscura Korps and the men and women of Operation: Tannhäuser battle for supremacy in each game of Tannhäuser. According to the Game Mode selected by the players, the carefully-selected and equipped members of each team will strive to accomplish various objectives on the game map, guided by the ubiquitous Pathfinding system.

Tannhäuser uses an innovative new system for tracking movement and line of sight called Pathfinding. Each area on the game board is represented by a circle, and each circle possesses one or more colors which will indicate which Path (or Paths) the circle is on. Circles that share colors and are on the same Path have line of sight to one another.

Tannhäuser is the base game in the Tannhäuser series. It features the men and women of the 42nd Marine Special Forces, led by John Mac Neal, and the mysterious and deadly Obscura Korps of the Reich locked in a struggle to recover the Obscura Cardinal Stones.

This box of Tannhäuser includes everything required for two to ten players to begin playing in the u-chronic Tannhäuser universe.

Tannhäuser includes:
1 rulebook
4 double-sided map boards, designed for use with the Pathfinding system
10 finely detailed pre-painted miniatures
10 illustrated character sheets
2 ten-sided dice
162 game counters