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@randybieri It's official and since everything is under one roof now we won't ever have to worry about having to pu… https://t.co/RROn1d8kqy
@guillermo_ji Aww, I'm sorry about that Guillermo. We'll be posting pictures of events from throughout the day so… https://t.co/qMBumCejqC
Our Grand Opening celebration is Dec 1st where you will be able to join in on demos, tournaments, free-to-play game… https://t.co/NNoOW8oMLN
RT @LRTerrain: GM #tips: What to do when players don't show up - #Roleplaying Tips https://t.co/4Nu3cciSOg #RPGs
Holidays can be a great way to add personal flare to your campaign! #tabletop #rpg #gmtip https://t.co/Yli0G0gSkF https://t.co/m2UhMUgfdA
Take a closer look at Dragon Heist for Dnd's 5th edition! (Take heed as there may be spoilers ahead.) #DnD5e… https://t.co/HCwLnSwfSZ
@ImNottaFunnyGuy We are willing to consider just about tabletop gaming related so if you email our team of buyers a… https://t.co/GAg5a2IWHc
Listen in on tales of the origins of Dragon Heist and learn about the new Waterdeep adventure with Shelly Mazzanobl… https://t.co/vbogrnvfwD
@ImNottaFunnyGuy Thanks, David! Our shipping team has been knocking it out of the park helping to arrange our move… https://t.co/IpgTt13VYT
@randybieri We should be opening up the new building in about a month so it shouldn't be too much longer. If you ar… https://t.co/mqnIbSqqou
@randybieri We will have a big reveal in about a month so you won't have to wait too much longer to find out. : D
If you want to help accelerate your painting skills, @tabletopminions has a great suggestion for you! #miniatures… https://t.co/9nXD870TgC
@traviscrowe Although we don't have a set date quite yet, you should expect the opening date to be sometime in Nove… https://t.co/903ZEOm6F4
#Orktober is here in a big way so find out what's in store for you from @GamesWorkshopAm! #40k… https://t.co/xGWZkvooLf
@MCSportsSwami I'm sorry to hear that. I'll be sure to look into this directly for you. If you have a Facebook acco… https://t.co/9OS5TKiJRg
@ImNottaFunnyGuy Glad we could get it taken care of for you already then. Let us know if you need anything else and have a great day!
@MCSportsSwami Sending an email to Nobleknight@nobleknight.com or calling our brick and mortar store directly is th… https://t.co/vs6VT4COCB
@ImNottaFunnyGuy Thank you, David! It's always a delight to hear back from our customers and I'll make sure to pass… https://t.co/VGT78DcMwN
Here's a closer look at the faction based tcg for #warhammer #AgeofSigmar Champions! Source: @GeekDads… https://t.co/oNHoOKjeRv
A big thank you to everyone who has supported our Janesville store over the years. All of the love and support the… https://t.co/D6KVRJvbRP
It's the final countdown! Tomorrow, Sept 30 is the last day our Janesville store will be open to the public. At 6PM… https://t.co/91kAbmZY6H
Just imagine what it would be like to game in a place like this. #fantasy #playspace https://t.co/SZxyEGz4QF https://t.co/XBtNCqOXKL
@pitac1 @rocketj61 At least we won't be too far away once the move is complete but there are a lot of memories atta… https://t.co/If6lhLVBIo
@maineogre @GeekandSundry @thebeccascott I think someone looked into the panda's sad, pleading eyes and opted to sn… https://t.co/ZjcUoZqq4K
@DerFeldmarschal @CigarBoxBattle I'm glad we could help your table find such excellent attire!
Adorable pandas and cute tokens aren't all that Takenoko has going for it. See more about how to play with Becca Sc… https://t.co/WDFjMxuHrQ
There is less than a week until we close our Janesville location on September 30th so now is your last chance to se… https://t.co/1JQoQ1o2xW
There are a lot of ways to change up how you reveal the world to your players and @GeekDads has a few great sugges… https://t.co/eWEMafldoN
Learn how to play Warhammer Underworlds Nightvault from @GamesWorkshopAm so you can be prepared for these warbands… https://t.co/VOJHFMXiJD
@NaturalZeroes Thank you, Josh! I'll make sure to pass along your kind words to our teams. They really do enjoy the… https://t.co/5ig6HqnlJb