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@GamesSpectra Any time! :D
The creators of Doodle Mash were keeping the crowds going at our Grand Opening with the menagerie of creative beast… https://t.co/O59UgPEcx9
You can expect to see Deborah Woll, an actress from the hit show True Blood, to run a weekly RPG series as the game… https://t.co/aG3pLoOgWQ
@GamesSpectra provided everyone with a sneak preview of their up-and-coming game, Fairies the Role-playing Game! Fo… https://t.co/wgTpsQWUuj
Ultimate Masters is out and overflowing with hard to find graveyard cards. Try your luck with the latest from #MTG!… https://t.co/eYM9lYdE4P
@MarkAdelhoch We're always happy to add friendly faces to the line up and everyone there truly helped to bring it a… https://t.co/C2y2uYuReK
@MarkAdelhoch was a delightful addition to the line up of the Grand Opening with his artist station! https://t.co/pJtaokHTtL
Board game retailer Noble Knight finds a massive new home in Fitchburg From @CapTimes https://t.co/tMffyKrxp3 https://t.co/LPxLGC6Kiu
Half board game, half war game, Blackstone Fortress blends the two kinds of games beautifully and even manages to a… https://t.co/rlCOAkK4h1
Forbidden Island from @Gamewright was running demos all day thanks to help of some helpful volunteers from our staf… https://t.co/Dx2u1q0VVv
Kane Klenko, the designer behind Fuse and Flip Ships demoing his games in our brand new play space! @PlayRenegade https://t.co/057Yxvody0
A closer look at the Card Game sector of our Grand Opening (aka Pokemon corner!) https://t.co/1SvjBex887
Thankfully an indoor ribbon cutting was enough to save everyone's fingers and toes from the cold that frosty winter… https://t.co/cbtOBqqMUN
Watch @CriticalRole dish out chaos and destruction in Dungeon Mayhem from @Wizards! https://t.co/afhfa4OKbq https://t.co/9fRGCSXkqV
@oldSchoolCM @soundingline @MultiManPub @FilbarRPG @TinyBattleGames @OrcsUnlimited @Battlemapsus @Farland_World… https://t.co/SvEwQ2kQZt
@ImNottaFunnyGuy @GameholeCon Lol! I was going to say that if you're local you just put your hand in the herd and j… https://t.co/tVs7ja7uES
See what Noble Knight Games is all about with this interview with @Wisconsins57! https://t.co/A9WKme67fk https://t.co/B9B8aSNsu7
We received many poor, lost Otyughs from @GameholeCon that are looking for their forever homes. They make for an ad… https://t.co/xQP662OCmR
@ellejann You are quite welcome!
Our Grand Opening was a fun filled day with plenty of games and wonderful people to meet! Check out some of the pic… https://t.co/gJ72RzhFbI
@ellejann Once we get in booster boxes then we will have some of them opened up to be sold as individual packs. Let… https://t.co/czUYdMa2qb
Our Ultimate Grand Prize winner was Tim Lee who stayed with us until the very end. Congratulations to you all! Phon… https://t.co/O40W3N8KYi
The winners of our Grand Prize packages are as follows! Wargaming - Aaron Filter 40K - Shea Prewett Family & Cla… https://t.co/yuqUxtouo5
We had a lot of great people at our Grand Opening. The crew from Saint Martins Academy were a great addition to the… https://t.co/gUSCWuBfVh
@displacerq Both Katamino Family and Cat Staxx would likely be a good fit. :) https://t.co/rkdbB36dAd https://t.co/lOyf4D6FBu
Today was an very successful grand opening day and we here at Noble Knight Games would like to thank everyone for c… https://t.co/031KY56vMV
There's been plenty to stay busy with in our game room this evening! https://t.co/oVaKHmgGxS
The Grand Opening is up and running! Come stop in to check out our new building and win prizes during our hourly ra… https://t.co/MZy30H48I5
You can find a full list of the scheduled events for our Grand Opening on our Facebook page! https://t.co/2MRQeqaIqv https://t.co/1pa4yKd2wd
We are really excited to have 2 local artists here for our Grand Opening. Come visit with Mark Adelhoch (fantasy ar… https://t.co/ulFQGA9kEf