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Matthew Leacock, the designer behind the game gives some input as to what his experience has been like as a boardga… https://t.co/SAaqD2nZZ6
@RotterWrites @MrDrMedicman @dnd_retweets A D10 could use the same deck as the D20 but everything would just be the… https://t.co/InAhxRfURo
@RotterWrites @MrDrMedicman @dnd_retweets Assuming only 1 deck and they shuffled after each "roll" then they could… https://t.co/0MmVZRbgmc
@RotterWrites @MrDrMedicman @dnd_retweets A good question. It's possible that someone has designed such a thing but… https://t.co/ZEUXWIcGzo
Hey folks! We just received some beautiful artwork from a trade in and wanted to know how many of you might recogni… https://t.co/CBAr12UOXh
Later this month you'll be able to acquire your own copy of Kill Team, one of the newest additions to the Games Wor… https://t.co/K9t5U113NZ
@wizkidsgames has announced the upcoming release of Marvel Strike Teams, a new game for Heroclix and should become… https://t.co/fCp9o63hPA
People can look forward to even more Rick and Morty where people actually get to play as Pickle Rick which should b… https://t.co/FZ9SMslI6Z
Betrayal at House on the Hill is a delightful game where you begin to explore a house of horror and attempt to make… https://t.co/yFptfpfm7F
Sometimes you get to have incredible moments during your tabletop campaigns. From your own campaigns, what was your… https://t.co/GA9HQ5svwJ
It can be tough to figure out the best way to introduce a new system to both veteran and new players alike. Here ar… https://t.co/214CHZUTAr
One shot adventures can be a great way to test the waters of a new adventure type for your gaming group. Here are s… https://t.co/9bTc1jqGlq
Geeky hobbies has a great collection of general tips for how to pick our potentially valuable games out from the re… https://t.co/Kjfx7WRW7F
It can be daunting to jump into tabletop gaming if you don't already know of a group that you can join. Here are so… https://t.co/R3WGU9zaDF
When you get right down to it board games are a very monetarily efficient way to spend a day! The numbers can vary… https://t.co/kBahESmyLl
Here's a sneak preview of the inside of our new building in Fitchburg, WI which will be ready to house the hundreds… https://t.co/Ve8ObOIW84
We are closed for the day to allow our employees the chance to spend the holiday with their families. We hope that… https://t.co/jMPV4hy4SL
These guys are trying to bring your campaign to life with digital elements in a unique way. If given the opportunit… https://t.co/UIhWtUEg5y
Haven't tried a tabletop rpg yet? Try a few of these great starting points to test the waters because you won't kno… https://t.co/zxpg3yqUpH
There's always something new around the corner and @Geekdad has a great list of future releases that have just been… https://t.co/5GMxQDcaCR
Larping can be a great way to being gaming outdoors but make sure that you are well prepared especially if an event… https://t.co/uFqMimJ7R1
We all have that go to game that is a staple in your gaming life. One of our (many) favorites is Red Dragon Inn 4. What's yours?
Some games take less than 5 minutes to play but this beast of a game would take nearly a year to complete even if y… https://t.co/r6Vdnykidp
@TavernofHeroes is up to it's 5th episode in their series with the introduction of The Blackblades chapter of their… https://t.co/Z34tDnqJYf
Here are some of the biggest differences between the long standing #Pathfinder system and @paizo's space age… https://t.co/twvXMlghWM
Boardgames have changed a lot since their conception and so have people as a whole. I can't wait to see what comes… https://t.co/r2gdtlIIkn
Missed Free RPG Day? Don't worry then since you still have a chance to catch some these sample packs right here!… https://t.co/p72VWcIvlY
@jegib72 If you're talking about Free RPG Day samplers then we do still have copies in stock, however they are avai… https://t.co/unQCp47FPR
Tabletop games do so much more than provide you with a good time! They have the potential to have long lasting effe… https://t.co/tJ4nIKB8OZ
Happy Father's Day to all of those hard working (and hopefully delightfully nerdy) Dad's out there!… https://t.co/vseeV5IHhP