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Shewstone Publishing

Shewstone Publishing is a small press publisher of tabletop roleplaying games. They were founded in 2016 by freelance RPG writer Andrew Gronosky. His vision was to give back to the RPG community by creating a channel where creators can bring their work to a global audience. Shewstone Publishing takes care of the “business” side of the RPG business so creators can focus on creativity. They’re passionate about keeping people engaged in the tabletop roleplaying hobby, and bringing new people in. They do this by making games that are designed for playability and that explicitly promote teamwork and inclusiveness. They’re committed to fair pay for authors, artists, and all RPG professionals.

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Bestiary of Enchanted England, A

By: Shewstone Publishing

Stock #: IPRSSP0011

Product Line: Magonomia

MSRP $22.00

Magonomia the RPG of Renaissance Wizardry

By: Shewstone Publishing

Stock #: IPRSSP008

Product Line: Magonomia