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Mage Company

The idea of starting a game publishing company came to them over 10 years ago, specifically, in 2002-2003. Their passion for games was so strong that it led them to start designing & testing board games. They’d have a few laughs when game mechanics didn't work out as they should. The first game they published was Eragra: The Unfolding Card Game. We started developing this game in Christmas of 2001 and didn’t stop working on it for the following 9 years. Although a long project, it included vast amounts of background stories set within a new fantasy world comprised of 13, yet to be published, books with more to come! All of a sudden, a bunch of new ideas began to develop and new game designs followed, such as Strike Dice, Biruda, Kernos,Oddmaster 9000, Space Rescue, and much more where that came from! Their passion is simple, to create and offer. Their purpose is to change, once and for all, the world of board games. Their inspiration is derived from each one of you! Kids, parents, teenagers, and adults all have a certain place in our heart and mind within a world full of games and entertainment. They love the experience of people, strangers in the beginning, gathering together to play board games. Your devotion to board games is their motivation to keep on doing what we do with the intention of serving you. Your continuing support gives us the strength and courage to fulfill our dreams. They can promise you a new era of board games; board games unlike any other. They can only hope you wind up loving them as much as they love making them available to you.

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12 Realms (1st Printing)

MSRP $70.00 NM $20.00
(NOTE: unpunched, cards sealed)

12 Realms (2nd Printing)

MSRP $69.95 EX/NM $50.00
(NOTE: unpunched, cards & components sealed)

12 Realms Upgrade Kit

NM $34.00
(NOTE: components sealed)

Ancestors Legacy

MSRP $54.95 NM $40.00
(NOTE: unpunched)

Ghost Galleon Scenario Pack

NM $30.00
(NOTE: unpunched)

Ghost Town (1st Edition)

MSRP $24.95 NM $18.00
(NOTE: unpunched, cards sealed)

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