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Metal Credit Disks

By: Mage Company

Type: Supplies

Product Line: Raid & Trade (Mage Company Games)

5 pcs.

MSRP $9.95

Product Info

Metal Credit Disks
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Metal Credit Discs substitute the credit disc tokens you will find in the base game of Raid & Trade. You can use the Credit Discs while you are playing Raid & Trade. When you decide to visit Outpost you have two options: Either to test new medicine or to work for collecting a Credit Disc. Thanks to those discs, you can collect Favor Points and come closer to victory. The Metal Credit Discs come in three different values (2, 3, and 4). These numbers represent Favor Points.

Designed by professionals to copy the exact illustration by Anthony Cournoyer, so that the coins except from the look would also have that post-apocalyptic feel. Made from the best alloys to ensure long life, these coins are made to last. You can see them without feat in any gaming occasion! You can also use these coins in other games since their values are designed with numbers and not some random symbols.

Contains 5 double-sided coins.

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