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Dream Pod 9 (DP9) is a Montreal-based entertainment properties design and publishing studio. In addition to publishing games based on our creations, we also work on a large number of special projects, creating worlds and stories to order for a variety of clients. The company is best known for the Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, Tribe 8 and Gear Krieg universes, which have generated many games, models and miniatures. The company can call upon the talents of a well-rounded team of more than 50 writers, artists, graphic designers and modelers. The company is also telling its stories through the media of computer games, which opens the door to tons of exciting new possibilities. The partnership with computer game giant Activision has already yielded two best-selling games. Both Heavy Gear: the New Breed, and its advanced sequel, Heavy Gear II: Black Talon, took the computer game world by storm! In addition to its publishing side, Dream Pod 9 is fully established as a design studio. The staff works on special projects from time to time, creating worlds and backgrounds to order for a large variety of clients. The DP9 people have the skills and people to create everything from basic ideas to production concepts, right through prototype models if needed.

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