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Heavy Gear (1st-2nd Edition)

Heavy Gear (1st-2nd Edition)

A Hunter races past you, its rapid-fire 20 mm autocannon spitting metal death. As you watch in horror, your commanding officer's Black Mamba erupts into a ball of raging flame, composite armor and fuel ablaze in a bright fireball. "Fall back! fall back!" Hastily, you have taken command. Your squadron pulls back behind a rocky outcropping and regroups. Tracers surround your temporary shelter like angry fire hornets -- you all know you can't stay there forever. You crouch low and burst out of the rock's shadow, zipping, zooming and ducking on powered wheels like an oversized armored skater. A hail of shells explode around your Heavy Gear, but you're too good a pilot to be hit. Unleashing the full power of your V-engine, you head back into the firefight, emptying your shoulder-mounted 71 mm rocket pod on an enemy heavy tank. And they told you this was just a routine patrol...

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