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World of Warcraft TCG - Scourgewar - Singles (Upper Deck)

Scourgewar is the tenth normal World of Warcraft TCG set and contains powerful new Death Knight cards such as Army of the Dead and Corpse Explosion. Scourgewar also contains loot cards like Spectral Tiger Cub, and great allies such as Broderick Langforth and King Varian Wrynn.

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Bombard (R)

  NM $0.95

Army of the Dead (R)

Broderick Langforth (R)

Corpse Explosion (R)

Deathcharger (R)

Dreadstead (R)

Kel'Thuzad (E)

King Varian Wrynn (E)

Nathanos Blightcaller (E)

Spectral Kitten (R)

Squall Totem (R)

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