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Army of the Dead (R)

By: Upper Deck Entertainment

Type: CCG (Single)

Product Line: World of Warcraft TCG - Scourgewar - Singles (Upper Deck)


Last Stocked on 10/21/2013

Product Info

Army of the Dead (R)
Publish Year
CCG (Single)


This is a table top collectible card game and has no connection to the World of Warcraft MMORPG other than the name of the game and the theme. This is not a sale of any of Blizzard Entertainment's intellectual property associated with the Video Game. To be clear, no in game property for the World of Warcraft is being sold.

Set: Scourgewar
Type: Ability
Rarity: R
Cost: 6
Faction: Neutral
Used By: Death Knight
Text: Destroy all allies. For each ally destroyed this way, you put a 3 [Melee] / 3 [Health] Ghoul ally token into play.
Card # 22

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