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Strange Frontiers

Strange Frontiers

The year is 2119 on Earth. The United Nations Intergalactic Treaty Enforcement (U.N.I.T.E.) branch of the Terran Government has for years declared Tarrath (the beautiful and mystical planet on the other side of the black hole Cygnus x-1) off limits to Space Dogs, Tarrithium Miners and High Tech Corporations. The original plan was to keep the technology level of the New World similar to that of the Gren who were transplanted to the innocent world from their own doomed planet. Their civilization was much like that of Earth’s "Old West". It was during the Black Hole Rush of 2078 that the Terrans learned once again that things do not always go as planned. Despite the Space Troopers, U.N.I.T.E. Cavalry and Tech Rangers efforts to keep technology off the planet, there are Company Men, Serials, and a host of other Tech Offenders making their jobs difficult. That is not to say that life is any easier for the other alien races on Tarrath like the Chireet Kireen, H’sharr, Purrians, and Worvits who are all trying to survive this time of expansion and politics. It is definitely a wilder west on some very Strange Frontiers.

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