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Spycraft 1.0 (d20)

Spycraft 1.0 (d20)

Spycraft is a roleplaying game set in a world of dark secrets and high espionage, where players become larger-than-life superspies poised to take on threats of global scale – power-mad dictators, eccentric billionaire industrialists, and criminal masterminds obsessed with global domination. Join a team of highly trained professionals outfitted with the latest cutting-edge gadgets and a worldwide information network, then shoot, seduce, or speed your way through the deadliest missions your Game Control can devise.

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Type: Hardcover
Stock #: AEG1800
Author: Patrick Kapera, Kevin Wilson
Publish Year: 2002
Publisher: AEG
Condition: EX
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Condition: VG+
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