1960's, The

By: AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group)

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Spycraft 1.0 (d20)

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1960's, The
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Return to the era that perfected espionage in a brand new Spycraft setting! This 240-page sourcebook allows you to play through the knuckle-biting tension of the Cold War using the standard Spycraft modern day rules. Fight back the tide of nuclear paranoia and take a stand in one of the most unconventional wars the world has ever known!


High-stakes espionage at the height of the Cold War!

Delve into the titanic game of cloak and dagger between the superpowers.

Create your own history in this blockbuster return to the golden age of spies.

Customizable Gameplay! Run a superspy campaign against global menace or branch into the gritty battle of East vs. West in Europe, Russia, the U.S., and abroad. Play a game of political tension or a taut suspense thriller. The choice is yours.

New and modified base classes! This comprehensive guide to espionage roleplaying in the 1960s puts a unique spin on the Spycraft base classes, resulting in an entirely new game!

New and modified prestige classes! Become any of several major players of the period.

New departments! Play a rugged agent of the CIA, the KGB, MI6, and more!

New and modified agent options! An entirely new selection of feats, skills, backgrounds written just for the 1960s.
New gear and vehicles, shifting the modern emphasis from gear to the Cold Waremphasis on the agent. Classic spy gadgets! Lower tech, same Spycraft style!NPC classes! Face off against East German border guards, Soviet sleeper agents, or CIA gunmen.

Dozens of plot hooks! Whether you want to play the events in the news or a game behind the scenes, this book has everything you need!

Around the World Over Ten Years. Visit swingin' London, scale the Berlin Wall, combat social upheaval in Washington, and unearth frost-shrouded secrets beneath the Kremlin!

Extensive Player Notes! What spying was really like during the Cold War, and how to create your own personalized game that lets you experience it.

GC Notes and Guidelines! Everything from the state of the world in the 1960sto detailed descriptions of the major espionage organizations of the time, as well as a timeline of events both major and minor.

Run in the Shadows or Change History! From the space program to Vietnam to the rise of police action, options are provided for both covert and public missions on every scale.

Historical Links! Play an isolated historical session or link your games to modern day missions!

Includes a downloadable web supplement for playing Shadowforce Archer in the 1960s! Face off against the monstrous designs of the devious Helix! Put down the Company's scandalous MKULTRA program! Shape history with an all-new interactive storyline linked that impacts the modern setting!

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