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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game - Adventure Path #061 - #090 (1st Edition)

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game - Adventure Path #061 - #090 (1st Edition)

Welcome to Pathfinder, the premiere monthly outlet for your next fantasy roleplaying campaign. Every month, Pathfinder brings you a new installment of a complete Adventure Path—an ongoing series of interconnected quests that, together, create a fully developed plot of sweeping scale and epic challenges. In each volume of Pathfinder you'll meet nuanced characters, visit fantastical locations, face deadly foes, and learn ever more about a nefarious plot and an incredible world forged by some of the most popular authors and artists in fantasy gaming. A little more than half of each volume will contain the adventure; the rest of the book supports Game Masters of any campaign with never-before faced monsters; easily customized NPCs, equipment, magic, and plots; "Director's Commentary"-styled notes and suggestions by fan-favorite designers; peerless online and electronic support; and much, much more. For players, Pathfinder provides you with pregenerated characters in each volume, new rules and options to expand your role, and the ongoing "Pathfinder's Journal" that explores beyond the boundaries of the campaign, giving you a wealth of inspiration for character backgrounds and goals. Finally, be sure to check out the 16-page player's guide for each Adventure Path, which includes all the character creation details and campaign-specific information you need to survive. Created not just in compliance with, but in the spirit of the Open Gaming License, Pathfinder draws upon the creative offerings of Paizo's GameMastery Modules and the shared imaginings of the most inspired companies in gaming.

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