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Fantasy Adventures (d20) (Tronen Games)

Fantasy Adventures (d20) (Tronen Games)

Established in March 2001, Tronen Games is an independent company committed to bringing the discerning gamer high quality Dungeon's & Dragons adventure scenarios. Each scenario can be played as a stand alone adventure or as a chapter in an unfolding epic chronicle. Whilst set in their own impressive fantasy gaming world, which will be fully supported with many up & coming products, the scenarios can be easily slotted into any existing gaming world or adventure campaign. WHY A5? Our controversial choice of size was born from 20 years of gaming experience. How many times have you struggled behind the DM's screen trying to keep your monsters from fighting each other whilst looking up rules, trying to find somewhere to roll your dice, and still run the game whilst juggling with a cumbersome A4 scenario.... only to knock your drink all over your best clothes? Been there, done that, got the stained t-shirt!!! Well with one wave of our proverbial magic wand we've solved your gaming headaches. The games book takes up half the space, fits easily into the rules book so you can refer to relevant information without covering all the text, is printed on high-quality glossy paper (hey, we spare no expense here.. well, you do deserve the best), has useful reference notes so you know where to find the relevant information within the core rule books (for that oh-so-rare occasion when players question their DM’s ruling on a particular trap or monster), and above all, they are great games to play. After all, they are designed by gamers for gamers.

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