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Epiphany - The Legends of Hyperborea

Epiphany - The Legends of Hyperborea

Epiphany is a radically different role-playing game for a radically changing world. Diceless, numberless, but still complex and realistic enough for tactical as well as dramatic purposes. Epiphany is set in the ancient mythical lands known to the Greeks as Hyperborea, the land north of the north wind. There you find the lost worlds of Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu, surrounding the now-frozen entrance to the Hollow Earth. Basking in the light and heat from the Inner Sun, they engage in exploration, politics and intrigue, surrounded by the icy wastes of the arctic. Thousands of years of conflict have left the land pocked with ruins and poor in resources, but science and the magic of the metaplanes combine to keep them powerful, and a strict social order allows them to keep true revolution and change at bay.

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