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Confrontation (2nd Edition) - The Age of The Ragnarok - Wolfen of Yllia

Confrontation (2nd Edition) - The Age of The Ragnarok - Wolfen of Yllia

For as long as the peoples of Aarklash can remember, the wolfen have always existed and have always worshipped Yllia the moon goddess. Whether roving the wild lands or defending their territories, these half-man half-wolf predators have always known how to instill fear into the heart of their enemy. The wolfen were born to counter the insane ambitions of the Craftsman, the god who sought to overthrow the order established by his peers. They are the protectors of nature and the keepers of the balance of Creation. On the battlefield the wolfen are formidable fighters, guided only by their predatory instincts. To them, there is no need for artifice: claws and fangs are already deadly weapons. Working in packs, they strike hard and fast, using their physical power to compensate for their low numbers. However, confronted with the technology of other nations, they sometimes need to use metal weapons. In the hands of such bloodthirsty colossuses, their great hunting blades are simply devastating. No matter if they are sedentary or nomadic, the wolfen live in packs. Their instinct tells them to follow the alpha wolfen, the one who has proven he or she had the strength or wisdom to lead them. In times of war, male and female will fight side by side. Only the young and the elderly are kept away from the fight. Wolfen packs can be divided into two broad categories: the nomadic and the sedentary. The wolfen worship the moon goddess, Yllia, and adore the constellation of the Wolf.

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