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Confrontation (2nd Edition) - The Age of The Ragnarok - Core & Assorted

Confrontation (2nd Edition) - The Age of The Ragnarok - Core & Assorted

Confrontation®, the game symbolizing Rackham, allows you to step into a universe of myths and legends, where warriors, magicians and fantastic creatures fight relentlessly. You are the commander of these armies. This game will put your strategic skills to the test as you fight to defeat the army controlled by your opponent! Both thrilling and inspiring, Confrontation® offers several layers of gaming interest as your strategic options depend on the miniatures that you choose when build your army. With 16 peoples to choose from, you play the way you want to! All along its development, Confrontation® was able to evolve and adapt to what the players expected. Since the beginning, the entire range of miniatures was made of metal. These figures required assembly and it was up to the players to paint them the way they wanted. From November 2007, in order to offer immediate gaming pleasure, all new Confrontation® miniatures will be made of plastic, ready assembled and painted! Discover out right away these miniatures painted by studio Rackham and witness the aesthetical quality of the future plastic miniatures.

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