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Confrontation (1st Edition) - Wolfen of Yllia

Confrontation (1st Edition) - Wolfen of Yllia

In the age when the gods still walked on Aarklash, the goddess Moon gave her blessing to the most powerful of the wolves. He became the First-Born, the ancestor of the noble and savage race of the Wolfen. Ages have passed. Whole empires have been founded and have fallen into oblivion. Vain warlords fight amongst themselves for their few lines in the annals of history. But the Wolfen have remained faithful to the eternal cycle of nature that has made them the continent’s greatest predators. Alas, the age of the Rag’narok has befallen Aarklash, bringing with it the corruption of Darkness and the promise of a war without mercy. Anger consumes the heart of the Wolfen and obscures their pure soul. The war packs are growing in number. Those who once fought for domination now struggle for the very survival of their race. The Wolfen of Yllia are allied with the Daïkinee elves.

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