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Confrontation (1st Edition) - Dwarves of Mid-Nor

Confrontation (1st Edition) - Dwarves of Mid-Nor

In ancient times the goblins were the dwarves’ slaves. When they rebelled, the dwarven lords sent five warriors to the depths of the earth to exterminate the god Rat and his brotherhood who were responsible for the goblin uprising. These dwarves failed their mission and only four of them returned to see the light of day: one of them, Mid-Nor, had remained in the depths... It is said that the dwarven warriors confronted a monstrous hydra. Terrified, they betrayed their oath and fled. But Mid-Nor fought this nine-headed god for a long time and ended up impressing the latter. When the hydra was about to finish him off it offered him a pact. In exchange for his allegiance it would give him the power to get revenge on his cowardly brothers. The dwarves of Mid-Nor are allied with the living-dead of Acheron, the Akkyshan elves, the Kelts of the Drune clan and the alchemists of Dirz.

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