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Confrontation (1st Edition) - Cynwall Elves

Confrontation (1st Edition) - Cynwall Elves

In the elven tongue “cynwäll” means “exiled.” A long time ago the Cynwälls chose to withdraw to the high mountains of Lanever to devote themselves to the quest for Noesis, the harmony of body and soul. They discovered ancient secrets hidden in ruined temples, and made pacts with the dragons of the peaks of the Behemoth Mountains. After centuries of contemplation and preparation, the Cynwälls have broken their tradition of neutrality in order to engage in the final battle on the side of Light. Ever since their origins they are aware that the future of Creation depends on the outcome of the Rag’narok. The Cynwäll army isn’t numerous, yet its strength is considerable. It is guided by the wisdom of the ancients, borne by the wings of the dragons, and supported by mechanical warriors from a forgotten age. The Cynwäll elves are allied with the Lions of Alahan, the Griffins of Akkylannie and the Sphinxes.

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