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Parsec Expansion #2 - Nebulas and Nanotechs

Parsec Expansion #2 - Nebulas and Nanotechs
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Parsec Expansion #2 - Nebulas and Nanotechs
Category: War Games
Author: Sean Young
Publish Date: 2012
Dimensions: 5.5x8.5x.2"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2147849961
Type: Ziplock

Parsec Expansion #2 - Nebulas and Nanotechs
Parsec Expansion #2 - Nebulas and Nanotechs


Blast off with Sean Young's latest in the PARSEC universe, with the Parsec Expansion Kit #2: Nebulas and Nanotechs. There are new hexes, including colorful Nebulas, deadly Pulsars, and Supernovae that trigger a special “Non-Planet” scoring round, bringing research tokens and credits into play even faster. Rumors abound of mysterious derelict spaceships from a long forgotten alien race that allow you to get both research and credits from exploring them..

Along with new hexes is a new Nanotech! There’s the Asynchronous Data Converter which allows you change unused AP for a turn into Credits on a 1:1 basis. Autonomous Robots allow your placed Robots to move about the board by themselves without your Ship! The Stellar Cartographer lets you draw two Space Tiles (instead of one) at beginning of your Turn. The Really, Really Big Bomb or TRRBB as it is lovingly called by many, has a dual function. It can be used to destroy Monsters, but the other, more useful evil use of the TRRBB is to eradicate relocate all of the robots on a planet.

Another exciting new feature is the addition of Faction Cards. These Factions allows players a special ability both during and after the game. Each card shows the faction’s name, the “Game Bonus” which is given during the playing of the game, and a “Final Scoring Round Bonus”, which gives a bonus during the last Scoring Round. Will you be part of the The Church of Cosmic Enlightenment, Society for Scientific Advancement, or the Hot Rods of the Gods Starship Mods? There are 8 cards, so the mix of Factions in a game will always be different!

There are plenty of new possibilities in Parsec expansion kit 2: Nebulas and Nanotechs!

Note: This Expansion Kit is not a ‘stand alone’ game. You must own a copy of PARSEC to use it. You may also play PARSEC with this expansion kit as well as PARSEC expansion kit 1: Moons and Monsters.

Game Components:

  • One Expansion #2 Rulesheet
  • 6 additional Space Hex Tiles
  • 8 Faction cards
  • 20 Nanotech cards
  • 6 double-sided 3/4" Score counters