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Great Battles Collector's Edition, The

Great Battles Collector's Edition, The
Product Note: PC CD-Rom
Publish Date: 1998
Restockable: No
Type: Software (boxed)

Great Battles Collector's Edition, The


Each game recreates the important battles in the title generals career. The battles are played from a semi-3D view. Combat is turned base, and emphasis is put on the leadership qualities of the generals. This is accomplished through the use of command points. Each general can only command troops close to him, and has a limited number of units he can command each turn. Some of the battles involve many dozens of units.

The campaign game simply consists of the battles linked together. All the battles can be played from either side, creating 33 different battles to be fought. The units are based on actual historical unit strengths and weaknesses, and their is extensive information about the units in the manual and online reference

This is a compilation of three games:

  • The Great Battles of Alexander
  • The Great Battles of Hannibal
  • The Great Battles of Caesar