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Ejhin of Vanth Hero Box

Ejhin of Vanth Hero Box
by Rackham
Publish Date: 2010
Restockable: No
Type: Miniatures Box Set


“Listen to the song of Vice as it revives your soul.”

– Ejhin of Vanth

The Hero Box: Ejhin of Vanth contains an Incarnate for the army of the Ram. Ejhin of Vanth is a faithful of the Ram who can call powerful and evil communions.

Ejhin of Vanth should join a large unit where the number of faith points generated, combined to the “Loved by the gods” ability will easily allow her to call even the most difficult communions. Should she be surrounded by a limited escort, she can use the Seal of the Corrupt to sacrifice friendly fighters to gain faith points. Though she will then only call lesser communions, she will still be able to cancel pretty much anything. Ejhin of Vanth is also remarkable for her durability. The “Blessing of evil” miracle protects her from being eliminated prematurely by diverting any damage she receives onto the fighters closest to her, including enemy fighters!

Ejhin of Vanth’s occult powers reach their maximum whenever she joins a unit composed a two “Abysmal Skull” Unit Boxes.

Ejhin of Vanth’s story, artefacts and special abilities are detailed in the Army Book: Ram.