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Rakdos Guildmage (U)

Rakdos Guildmage (U)
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Rakdos Guildmage (U)
Category: Magic & CCG's
Product Note: black or red
Publish Date: 2006
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2147644058
Mfg. part #: Dissension
Type: CCG (Single)


Name: Rakdos Guildmage
Cost: (B/R)(B/R)
Type: Creature — Zombie Shaman
Pow/Tgh: (2/2)
Rules Text: ({(b/r)} can be paid with either {B} or {R}.)
{3}{B}, Discard a card: Target creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn.
{3}{R}: Put a 2/1 red Goblin creature token with haste onto the battlefield. Exile it at the beginning of the next end step.
Set/Rarity: Dissension Uncommon