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Dreamwalker (Revised Edition)

Dreamwalker (Revised Edition)
Author: Peter Spahn
Publish Date: 2007
Pages: 240
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.75"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


The Brood have come. Soulless creatures who invade our dreams and seek to drive us insane. Living Nightmares who cross over into the real world to wreak havoc and destroy. They hide. They breed. They multiply. As the borders between dreams and reality crumble, their growing evil threatens all mankind.

And yet, there is hope. As always, in times of great need, heroes are born. You are one of those brave, gifted few who have chosen to take a stand against the darkness. You may be one of the Awakened who can sense the horrors living among us or you may be a Dreamwalker who can carry the fight into the spirit world. Only there, at the source, can the Brood be defeated. Humanity’s salvation is in your hands. You have the strength and the will to persevere, but do you have the courage? Prepare for your journey—the Land of Dreams awaits.

Dreamwalker Revised is a game of epic horror, fantasy, and adventure set against the backdrop of the modern world. In this setting, the mystical Land of Dreams is in turmoil and its collapse has begun to affect reality. Dreams have become a breeding ground for madness and despair. Vampires, mummies, demons, and other dark creatures stalk the night as the deepest realms of spirit slowly come unraveled.

Humanity is blinded by its own ignorance, either unable or unwilling to accept what is happening. They scoff at talk of dream travel and ridicule those who speak of monsters. To them, science and reality are immutable truths, and a mythical land of dreams is nothing more than childhood fantasy.

Only a rare few have the power to fight the Brood. These heroes might be paranormal investigators or an ancient cabal dedicated to combating horrors that have entered the real world. They might be dream analysts who safeguard humanity’s dreams, or mighty dream warriors devoted to cleansing the spirit world and restoring order to the Land of Dreams.

Players: Take your characters into dreams and help others overcome problems while ridding the spirit world of a deadly psychic infestation. Battle nightmares that have entered the real world. Journey to mythical dream realms and undertake epic quests that resonate throughout the world of spirit. Select from nine new dream-related Advanced Classes including the Brood Slayer, Tomb Raider, Dream Warrior, Brood Hunter, Dream Weaver, Paranormal Investigator, Totemist, Arcanist, and Government Agent, and use dozens of new dream feats and powers to shape the Land of Dreams to your will.

Game Masters: Have you ever been in the middle of running a fantasy (or horror, or modern, or historical) campaign but then come up with a great idea for a science fiction (or western, or super-heroes, or post apocalyptic) scenario--one that would not convert well to fantasy? Dreamwalker Revised's design enables you to run adventures or even campaigns in different genres or settings without changing rules, with simple but comprehensive dream guidelines to tailor each individual dream. Play different genres or settings each night using the same group of characters. Make dream adventures as fantastic or mundane, as realistic or surreal as you desire.