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Battles with Micro-Tanks

Battles with Micro-Tanks
Author: Martin Greenan
Publish Date: 1975
Dimensions: 5x8x.2"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


These rules are designed primarily, to permit you to recreate WWII engagements, both small and large scale, using micro—scale (1:300) units.

The variety of combat situations which occurred during WWII is almost endless. Battles were fought in deserts, and mountains, in good weather, and bad, with a wide selection of unit types and equipment, and this era therefore, offers the wargamner an opportunity to create practically any type of combat situation he desires.

Those rules will allow the wargamer to simulate both small and large scale actions, which retain a high degree of realism, yet are very playable. They permit the players to easily control the large quantity of units sometimes used when gaming In this scale.

The basic ground scale is, 1 Inch equals 50 yards, and the basic time scale is, I turn equals 120 seconds. At this particular ground scale, each unit would represent, from 4 to 5 actual units, end you may, of course, play this way. However, it was found that using a 1 for 1 vehicle/unit system works out quite well also. Nor infantry, one (1) 1/2-inch marker, or 1/2-inch base, with 2 or 3 micro—scale figures mounted on it, represent a 6 to 10 men squad.