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General de Brigade (2nd Edition)

General de Brigade (2nd Edition)
Author: David Brown
Publish Date: 2006
Dimensions: 8x12x.35"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


General de Brigade was designed to combine the appeal of battalion based games with the most important aspects of command and control from army level games. It was important therefore to base the game at the correct level within the military structure in order to achieve this. The division seemed the most suitable level. When players field a division they are in command of a number of brigades and it is to this level that most wargamers are suited. This is because after spending hours researching and painting our armies we want to maneuver each and every unit, overseeing their every volley, melee and morale test, At brigade level this is exactly what is expected of the commander – he would be concerned with deployment, formation and when to fire – here formations such as column or line do matter! However the use of brigades and brigade orders introduces a command and control factor that limits the 'nippy little battalion' syndrome and restricts the wargamer from doing whatever he wants with any unit whenever it suits him. General de Brigade allows wargamers the freedom to command and maneuver each battalion or squadron but also includes higher command decisions such as brigade objectives, the timing of assaults and the deployment of reserves.

Deliberate effort has been made to keep the rules simple. Most wargamers want to enjoy a game with model soldiers and not spend their valuable wargaming time checking through fine print and arguing over minor points in the rules. Obviously simplicity means that not all aspects of Napoleonic warfare can be covered and players should therefore try to resolve any problems in a sensible and friendly manner.