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Singleton Scenarios #2 - The Lost Isles #2, Dryhaven

Singleton Scenarios #2 - The Lost Isles #2, Dryhaven
Author: Tim Bancroft
Publish Date: 2007
Pages: 112
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.25"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


This is both a packed RuneQuest Sourcebook and the second in the Lost Isles series of Singleton Scenarios. Use it as a standalone mini-campaign or as the second part of a complete campaign thread for the RuneQuest Roleplaying Game.

After your success at the Stormhaven Dragonmeet, you are asked by the First Councilor of Firsthaven to complete a seemingly simple task. You must find the location of the long-lost city of Dryhaven - if, indeed, it ever existed.

It seems a simple task, but your search takes you first to a ruined library, then to a fearsome Haventown, and finally deep into the swamps of the Guardian’s lairs. As your problems mount and your foes become more dangerous and more subtle than you could imagine, you begin to wonder the wisdom of your quest.

Dare you search for the lost city of Dryhaven?

‘Dryhaven’ is a scenario in a complete campaign thread for the RuneQuest Roleplaying Game based in the Lost Isles, a place of mystery and Exile.

The reusable resources within the Sourcebook section include:

An overview of the Lost Isles;
Tornidelm's Map of the South-East Reaches
Maps of the island on which the scenario is based;
Games Master and player's plans of key places;
a fully-developed Warrior's Guild/cult;
Key new cults to provide background for the encounters;
new creatures;
new spells;
town backgrounds;
loads of statistic blocks for Non-Player Characters;
Two new Accomplices;
A mini-campaign, #2 in the Lost Isles Singleton Scenarios

All of the source information can be readily and easily used in your own campaigns.

Singleton Scenarios are designed for one or two players plus a Games Master: just perfect when short of players or looking for a more challenging game. Moreover, our flexible and tested approach means that larger groups also find the scenarios demanding and fascinating.