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Compact Dice Tower - Scarlet w/Black Inlay

Compact Dice Tower - Scarlet w/Black Inlay
Category: Dice & Supplies
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Dice towers may not see much use in modern gaming society, but their history goes back a long ways. Ancient Romans used dice towers to prevent cheating and to control the dice. Traditionally, dice towers have been a pleasing mix of form and function, decorating a gaming table while allowing the dice to be rolled without argument or mess.

These dice towers are hand assembled from 1/4" birch plywood, and VixenTor Games takes pride in creating the best tower they can, every time. Their towers are sturdy, lightweight and attractive. They are pre-stained and covered in a water-resistant varnish that will let you wipe off pizza grease with a damp cloth, and they are held together using a resilient and tough glue that will stand up to considerable abuse.

Compact Towers measure six and a half inches tall, making them perfect for small or crowded game tables.

The Scarlet Tower is stained a robust red. This finish adds color to your game table, or you can slap some stickers on it to really make it your own. Please note that no two pieces of wood are the same, and the color of your tower may differ slightly from the picture.