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First Blood - The Guadalcanal Campaign

First Blood - The Guadalcanal Campaign
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First Blood - The Guadalcanal Campaign
Category: War Games
Product Line: War Games (AHIKS)
Author: Steve Llewellyn, Chester Hendrix
Publish Date: 1991
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2147777009
Type: Ziplock


This was included with the SILVER Anniversary Issue of the A.H.I.K.S.-Vol.-26~#6-magazine and the game is akin to a "kit" in that you have to mount and cut-out the counters. They have been printed on adhesive backed paper which makes it easier for producing this aspect of the game.

The contents of the game include: the RULES Folder(8)-pages; a thick paper CHART; a Sheet of adhesive backed counters(over 150); & a (4)-COLOR 11" by 17" thick paper Mapsheet; while players will need to provide their OWN 6-sided DIE.

The RULES contain the following sections of note: Off-board Movement; Artillery; I.J.N. Naval Units; U.S. Engineers; Airstrip Capacity; Air Units; Brief Historical Commentary; Counters mounting advice; & the Turn Sequence on the back page. The Counters are RED/WHITE(Japanese)& BLUE/WHITE(U.S.) which are Battalion level for ground units, Air Unit Squadrons, individual Ships(Destroyers), Damaged & Destroyed Airfield markers, & Off-board Movement markers. There are MANY different Combat Unit types as well as various Aircraft depicted in this although for game purposes, these are of either Fighter or Bomber types(and F4F-Wildcats can be considered as either).

The Game Chart is printed with the Setup-/Reinforcements-/Combat Results Explanations on one side with a Units-/Terrain Identification Charts on the reverse. Players may want to copy this prior to play for EACH player to have available. The game Mapsheet covers the area around Henderson Field and it's environs. Also on the Mapsheet are: the seperate Japanese & American Attack Tables; Terrain Movement Cost/Defense Modifiers Table; Off-board Movement Boxes; Reinforcements Starting locations; and BOXES for I.J.A.F. & I.J.N. - Reserve & Attack; and U.S.A.F. Reserve, C.A.P., & Ground Attack.

The Turn Sequence is as follows: 1.Japanese Reinforcement phase; 2.Japan. Movement phase; 3.Japan. Combat phase; 4.Japan. Supply Resolution phase; 5.Japan. Strategic phase; 6., 7., 8.,-U.S.Player's similar to Japanese 1st 3-phases; 9.U.S. Engineer phase; 10.U.S. Air phase; 11.Check Victory Conditions or begin NEW turn. Overall, a very professional appearing production considering it's subject matter & their operating strictures while the graphics are very detailed, especially for the Aircraft types depicted.