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Collection of Fantastic Weapons, A

Collection of Fantastic Weapons, A
Author: Don Bessinger
Publish Date: 2005
Pages: 176
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.55"
Restockable: No
Type: Hardcover


Have magical weapons lost their magic? Rediscover the thrill of finding an enchanted weapon among the pages of this amazingly useful gaming reference!

This book starts with all the rules you need to quickly create your own magical weapons to add treasures that your players will remember to your campaign. Included are over thirty, brand new magic weapon special abilities and updated random magical weapon special ability tables that incorporate the new abilities with the ones in the rules.

The heart of this tome, however, is the detailed descriptions of 150 unique magical weapons. Every single weapon includes a history, a description of the its reputed powers, and a description of how the weapon looks and how it's made. A beautiful illustration accompanies every last weapon, so your players know exactly what their characters are packing!

Each of these wondrous treasures is ready to plop right into your game - regardless of your party's level. All of the items are written with three sets of stats. Power levels for low-, mid-, and high-level parties make it easy to use everything in the book at a moment's notice, or take a few minutes to customize them for your game and characters.

The weapons are organized according to general weapon type, and tabs along the edges of the pages make finding specific weapon types - daggers, bastard swords, or arrows - a snap. Each description is printed on its own page, so the weapons make perfect player handouts.

Most of all, the stories behind the weapons will fire up your imagination. The weapons come from jungles to deserts, and were owned by characters from devils to kings to thieves. Their stories will provide you with hook after hook for exciting adventure, so let this book be the forge in which you create the best adventures you've ever run!