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Mercenary (2nd Printing)

Mercenary (2nd Printing)
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Mercenary (2nd Printing)
Category: Board Games
Publish Date: 1977
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2147681628
Type: Boxed Game

Mercenary (2nd Printing)
Mercenary (2nd Printing)


A board game covering diplomacy, military and political strategy and economics during the Renaissance.

The players become merchant princes trying to alter the course of world events in return for good profits. Mercenary was designed with the aim of filling two gaps in the field of wargaming. Firstly, it is a game involving diplomacy and intrigue that can be played by as few as two people, even a solitaire game being possible and, secondly, it is based on an important period of transformation from a medieval to a modern style of fighting, which has previously been neglected. This game is designed to give the atmosphere of a corrupt, money-grabbing Europe, torn by military strife, when almost everyone's first thoughts were for self-interest: truly a mercenary age.

Mercenary covers the period of European history from the invasion of Italy by Charles VIII of France to the French Wars of Religion in 1560. The game, therefore, consists of 11 turns each 6 years in length. The object of the game is for the opposing players (1-5) known from now on as Merchants to try, by bribery, terror or military conquest, to amass the largest amount of money (measured in crowns) by 1560.

Components include 22" by 21" full color mounted mapboard, 220 die-cut counters, 11" by 16" diplomacy chart and rules book.