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Four Scrolls of Revelation, The

Four Scrolls of Revelation, The
Publish Year: 2002
Pages: 92
Dimensions: 5.5x8.5x.2"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


There are four, their bindings straining with portent and power, their rolled parchment steeped in lore. In the blood of a thousand unborn and forgotten heroes are written the secrets and mysteries. And maybe, there may even be a fifth, in which the unwary reader can even learn about worlds and times beyond Glorantha . . .

This volume includes:

The First Scroll: Secrets Everyone Knows
The Sundome Templars
Ther Imperial Economy
Secrets of the Moon Bear
Voices of Loskalm
The Second Scroll: Secrets You May Discover
Maran's Mirror
The Man Who Walked with Pavis
An Earth Mystery
Melib, Teardrop of Teshnos
Thanos' Treasure
The Third Scroll: Secrets You Hope Never to Learn The Vivisection of a Ludoch
Letter from Hellwood
The Skintakers
Ancient Urnfields of Pavis County
The Transcendental Church of St Ebbesh
The Tusk Raiders
THe Fourth Scroll: Secrets You Were Not Meant To Know
The Arkai
The Blue Moon Tradition
THe Hidden Scroll: Secrets Beyond Glorantha
The Dragon's Teeth
Someone, Somewhere, in Fire Season
Uz Secrets