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Category: War Games
Sub Category: Popular War Games
Author: Thierry Montule
Publish Year: 1994
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2147931268
Type: Boxed Game



Qalgon, the despicable wizard-prince of Xhenor, feeling the end of his abomination-ridden reign nearing, has decided to settle his succession. As one of his six ambitious children, players strive to become the Great Xhenocrat. Manipulations, bluff, alliances, treasons, diplomacy, magic, war, terror, and a knowledge of the kingdom and the races populating it are the tools players will use to achieve supremacy.

Xhenor is a game of political and military intrigues. The aim is to become the Great Xhenocrat, by being elected 5 times President of the Xhenocratic Council. Since one player is elected each turn, the thrill increases as the game goes on.

Players have four resources at their disposal, Gold, Force, Spirit, and Voice. They will start with some but have to trade for others. Gold is used for purchases, but its main use is to seduce enemy army hordes and control them. Spirit and Force are the stuff hordes are built with. Voice is important during elections. Players use wild hordes to gain and keep control of these resources. Each horde consists of one "Governor", and a various quantity of Spirits and Forces. The values are unknown, so the combats are random and dangerous. Laws forbid some actions and banish offending players to miss a turn or turns.

23x33 inch game map, 640 counters, English rulebooks, English play aids. Best with 5-6 players, age 13+.