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Category: Board Games
Publish Date: 2003
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NKG part #: -1000715032
Mfg. part #: RGG016
Type: Boxed Game


It is 69 A.D., Nero, the last of the Julio-Claudian Roman Emperors, is dead. Especially in the latter years of his regime he acted as a true despot, even ordering the murder of his wife Octavia to be able to marry Poppaea Sabina. When Rome was burning in 64 A.D. he accused the Jews and the Christian population with the crime, starting the first persecution of these innocent people.

In the space of one year, Galba, Otho, Vitellius, and Vespasian, four Roman generals vied for the throne, three of them gaining their objective only to lose it as quickly as they had gained it.

In Nero: Legacy of a Despot, you are a contender for Imperial power. Using your legions and political influence, your aim is to either seize and hold the Imperium by being declared Emperor, or to gather enough land and power so that, at game’s end, you are in position to do so.

Nero: Legacy of a Despot is an exciting strategic boardgame full of opportunities. The overall strategy is to become Emperor, stay Emperor, conquer areas, and amass victory points. However, to do that, rather than take an extended overview and plan way ahead, the game requires players, instead, to react and act quickly, often making their own opportunities by playing the event cards sagaciously and timely.

Event cards include Assassins, Bribery, Bad Augury, German Tribe Attacks, Galley Fleets, Crisis in Rome, the Praetorian Guard and many more!

Nero: Legacy of a Despot includes one large gameboard of Europe and the Mediterranean area, 162 full color playing pieces, 12 full color cardboard standup leader pieces, 55 bridge quality playing cards, two player aid cards and a rules booklet.