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Arrival Vengeance

Arrival Vengeance
by GDW
Product Line: MegaTraveller (GDW)
Author: Greg Videll
Publish Year: 1992
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.18"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: GDW225
Type: Module


"Tell Norris I'm sorry." This is Emperor Strephon's last message, given to the crew of ISS Arrival Vengeance to take back with them to the Domain of Deneb. Strephon was the last stop on Arrival Vengeance's three-year mission to save civilization. It is 1126. "Three years earlier, 1123, Archduke Norris, ever faithful to the Imperial Ideal, ordered a top-secret mission. A hundred-year old cruiser was 'borrowed' from a mothball fleet and assigned a hand-picked crew. It was prepared for a three-year cruise.

The ship: ISS Arrival Vengeance, a 60,000 ton Azhanti High Lightning-class cruiser.

The course: Cross the Great Rift to Daibei, run trailward to Delphi, then coreward to Core and Gushemege. Contact Craig, Margaret, Lucan, and Strephon.

The mission: Penetrate the war-torn shattered Imperium in search of some hope of a reunified Imperium.