Court of the Fallen Shogun Deluxe Enemy Pack

By: Flying Frog Productions

Type: Miniatures Box Set

Product Line: Shadows of Brimstone - Enemy Packs (Flying Frog Productions)

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Court of the Fallen Shogun Deluxe Enemy Pack
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Miniatures Box Set


Sweeping across the fields and mountains of Japan, the Fallen Shogun leads the Takobake Samurai Clan on a war of conquest in his mad thirst for domination! The most ruthless and trusted advisors to the Fallen Shogun form a royal court of powerful spellcasters that wield dark and sinister magik! Once a humble court of ministers and wise men, they have grown hungry for power and forbidden knowledge, tainted by the corrupting lure of the Dark Stone!

The Fallen Sorcerers use their arcane understanding of Elemental Magik to harness the power of the fifth element - the Void! Hurling bolts of Elemental force at their foes, these eldritch warlocks have learned to channel pure Void energy to their will. Though they do not often show the same outward mutations as the rest of the Takobake Clan, they are far more tainted, twisted and consumed by their greed and hate; a hollow shell of flesh encasing pure dark magik within!

The Komuso Summoners appear as simple court musicians, but they have mastered the dark art of conjuring spirits and spectres to do their bidding, while the haunting tones played on their flute can corrupt and twist the minds of any within earshot!

This Deluxe Enemy Pack contains everything you need to add the magical and sinister Court of the Fallen Shogun to your games of Shadows of Brimstone! Included are 3 Fallen Sorcerer models and 3 Komuso Summoner models, the 2 large Enemy Record Sheets for them, a host of new cards themed around these mystical and ruthless advisors to the Takobake Clan - including all of the Threat Cards needed to add them to your games, and 2 new Missions focusing on these deadly new Enemies!

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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