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#153 w/The Battle of Mimigawa 1578

By: Kokusai-Tsushin

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Command Magazine w/Games (Japanese)

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#153 w/The Battle of Mimigawa 1578
Publish Year
NKG Part #
Age Range
12 Years and Up
# Players
2 Players
Game Length
90 - 120 Minutes


Sorin Otomo, who was the largest warring lord in Kyushu at the time of the 6th year of the Tensho era (1578), protected Yoshisuke Ito, who lost Hinata due to the invasion of the Shimazu clan, and aimed to recapture Hyuga and expand his power through Christian missions. I attacked. Mr. Shimazu, who wants to maintain Hinata, will meet with all the four Shimazu brothers, Toshihisa, Yoshihiro, Toshihisa, and Iehisa. The Shimadzu forces are advancing the army against Otomo's army, which has crossed the Mimi River and approached Takashiro. And the fire lids of both armies are cut off.

"Battle of Mimigawa" is a battle-type war game that deals with the battle of Shimazu vs. Otomo, also known as the Battle of Takashirogawa. Ryutora Yoshikawa, the designer of "Kawagoe Battle" and "Keicho Dewa Battle", is in charge of this battle in which the two daimyo of the two major powers in Kyushu during the Warring States period confronted each other with the aim of controlling the Hyuga region. I put a powerful battle into the game.

This work adopts the that gives commands by the "Activation Chit" assigned to each unit under the control of both camps. It perfectly reproduces the medieval battle-likeness where the command system and actions cannot be done as expected.

In historical fact, Shimazu stopped Otomo's invasion of Hinata and won a big victory, but what kind of result is waiting in the game?

This is a Japanese-Language item and comes with no English components unless stated in the condition note.

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