Arthur's Realm w/Quest Expansions I & II

By: Nesbitt Hobbies

Type: Collection

Product Line: Board Games (Nesbitt Hobbies)

Product Info

Arthur's Realm w/Quest Expansions I & II
Publish Year
NKG Part #
Age Range
12 Years and Up
# Players
2 - 9 Players
Game Length
60 Minutes


Arthur's Realm, a.k.a. Realm of Logres, is a character-driven game set upon a rich tapestry of Arthurian lore, characters and events. Players have many choices, but players need only learn a handful of simple mechanisms to begin play. This is because the game is built upon a simple "rules when you need them" principal that puts most of the rules on a handful of reference cards that need to be read only when you need to play a particular situation. Because the system is intuitive and easy to start, players don't spend time reading and memorizing rules. Instead, they just play.

In Arthur's Realm, your choices as a player impact the story of King Arthur, and each time players play the game, it tells a new and fascinating version of King Arthur's tale. The game is competitive and collaborative, with one team seeking to usurp King Arthur while the other defends Logres and King Arthur. The action in the game revolves around quests, treachery, character romance, combat and magic.

Arthur's Realm plays like a Eurogame in that players cannot be eliminated from play. It plays like an RPG in that players must collaborate and it doesn't hurt to have a good imagination. Arthur's Realm plays like a traditional American game in that at some point you'll want to smite the opponent.

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