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Deep Madness Collection - Core Game + 12 Expansions + Extras

By: Diemension Games

Type: Collection

Product Line: Deep Madness

Last Stocked on 5/4/2021

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Deep Madness Collection - Core Game + 12 Expansions + Extras
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In a dark and claustrophobic deep sea mining site, the uncovering of a mysterious “Sphere” is dragging everyone nearby into the endless madness. The fears deep within one’s mind are amplified and transformed into horrifying monsters from other dimensions, torturing one's body and testing their sanity. Only those with extraordinary will and conviction can escape its devastating grasp. Deep Madness is a fully cooperative board game for 1-6 players, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft’s work and the Alien series. In the game, players assume the roles of investigators, venturing into the seemingly empty yet perilous deep sea mining site to find out the truth behind the lost contact event. Unimaginable horror and madness from the dark fear within is waiting.

This collection includes:

  • Deep Madness
  • Endless Nightmares
  • Uncounted Horrors
  • Rise of Dagon
  • Oracle’s Betrayal
  • Faces of the Sphere
  • Drifter King Epic Monster
  • Ravenous Epic Monster
  • Devourer of Worlds Epic Monster
  • Penitent and Forsaken Epic Monster
  • Dimension Rift Epic Monster
  • Insidious Epic Monster
  • Spawn of the Sleeper Epic Monster
  • The Art of Chang Yuan w/monster cards
  • Shattered Seas Novel w/Lucas Kane character
  • Devour Bag
  • Plastic Token Pack #1
  • Plastic Token Pack #2
  • Extra 3D doors
  • Profundum storage box
  • Monstrum storage box

    Components are combined and stored within the two storage boxes. No other packaging is provided.
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