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High Command Complete Collection!

By: Privateer Press

Type: Collection

Product Line: High Command Deck-Building Game - Warmachine

MSRP $289.86

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High Command Complete Collection!
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High Command is a deck-building card game for 2–4 players set in the foreboding lands of western Immoren. Leverage your resources, gather your armies, and dominate your foes to stake claim to the wilds of western Immoren!

This collection includes everything ever printed for the High Command card game. Everything you need to wage massive battles featuring iconic characters from Warmachine and Hordes.


  • Warmachine High Command Core Set
  • Hordes High Command Core Set
  • Faith & Fortune High Command Core Set
  • The Big Guns Expansion
  • Rapid Engagement Expansion
  • Into the Breach Expansion
  • Heroes & Legends Expansion
  • Invasion of Sul Expansion
  • Colossal Warfare Expansion
  • Savage Guardians Expansion
  • Elemental Rage Expansion
  • Immortal Tales Expansion
  • Gargantuan Might Expansion
  • Castle of the Keys Expansion
  • Escalating Conflict Expansion
  • Engines of Destruction Expansion
  • Ultimate Weapons Expansion
Not all packaging may be included, and all components are combined and stored mixed. Individual components have not been counted, but are believed to be complete except where noted above. Specific items range in condition from Fair to NM with most falling around the condition listed.

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