Rise of Vigil Collection Rise of Vigil & Darkness Unleashed!

By: Gary Games

Type: Collection

Product Line: Ascension (Gary Games)

Last Stocked on 11/30/2019

Product Info

Rise of Vigil Collection Rise of Vigil & Darkness Unleashed!
Product Line
Justin Gary
Publish Year
Age Range
13 Years and Up
# Players
2 - 4 Players
Game Length
30 Minutes


Ascension: Rise of Vigil is the newest chapter in the popular Ascension deck-building series. Rise of Vigil is both a standalone game playable on its own with 1-4 players and an expansion that can be combined with any of the earlier sets to support up to six players.

As with other Ascension titles, Rise of Vigil is a deck-building game in which players acquire cards from a central pool to add to their decks for use later; at the same time, they also combat creatures and other things that show up in that shared space. Both cards acquired and creatures defeated earn a player points.

Introduced in Ascension: Rise of Vigil are all new Treasure cards which will unlock powerful Energize abilities for the all new Heroes and Constructs.


  • Rise of Vigal
  • Darkness Unleashed Expansion
All components have been combined and mixed in the base game box. Components have not been counted but are assumed complete.

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