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Dungeoneer Collection - Base Game + 4 Expansions!

Dungeoneer Collection - Base Game + 4 Expansions!
Category: Board Games
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Type: Collection


The damp under earth holds within a call that is just irresistible to some. Despite the crawling beasts and unknown terrors, in spite of the ancient traps and unseen perils, there's something about these caverns and spaces that just keeps calling adventure-seeking folk back:

Glory? Gold? Bloodlust?

Doesn't really matter which for these crypts and caverns have enough baddies to keep this up for centuries.

This collection compiles several Dungeoneer games together for an instant collection so that you might return to that dank world of wonder again and again. Specifically this collection includes:

  • Tomb of the Lich Lord (2nd Edition)
  • Den of the Wererats (1st Printing)
  • Dragons of the Forsaken Desert
  • Haunted Woods of Malthorin (1st Printing)
  • Vault of the Fiends

    All of these have been combined and are stored in a single generic card box, no packaging is included.